Made in the UK

Over recent years I have been interested in the decline of British Heritage and the lack of products made solely in the UK. My forthcoming clothing range and fabric collection is based around British vintage pieces and heritage fabrics that have been recreated here, using as many locally produced ingredients as possible; with the goal being that, all our products and fabrics from source to finish can be, 100% made in the UK.

We have dedicated this page to the brands and individuals who are making their way in the same boat. We hope that this dedication to authenticity will eventually attract a younger consumer, who’s interest will enable an resurgence of British industry and manufacturing.



Ally Capellino – London, England – Bags, Luggage and Accessories
Boarder Leathercrafts – Tyne&Wear, England – Bags and Luggage
Globetrotter – Broxbourne, England – Luggage
Chapman Bags – Carlisle, England – Bags and Luggage



Christopher Raeburn - Outerwear
ALBAM Clothing – Men & Women’s swear
Flamborough Marine – Flamborough East Riding, England – Traditonal Gansey and Guernsey Knitwear
Lewis Leathers – London, England – Motorcycle Clothing
Hawick Cashmere – Hawick, Scotland – Knitwear
Heritage Research – Outerwear
Nigel Cabourn – Newcastle, England – Menswear
Oliver Spencer – London, England – Menswear



Crockett&Jones – Northampton, England – Hand Made Shoes
Edward Green – Northampton, England – Hand Made Shoes
John Lobb – London, England – Bootmaker



Halley Stevensons – Dundee, Scotland – Waxed Cotton Finishers



Anglepoise – Hampshire, England – Lighting



Moulton Bicycles – Bradford upon Avon, England – Bespoke Bicycles
Pashley Cycles – Warwickshire, England – Hand Made Bicycles



Bristol Cars – London, England – Hand Made Automobiles



Letterpress Design - Rayne, Essex – Bespoke Letterpress Printing

Typoretum – Colchester, Essex – Bespoke Letterpress Printing