I love badges, tins, labels and pins, I’ve been collecting them since I was a kid. I don’t know what it is but they spark a child like curiosity in me. Is it the attention to detail and information on a vintage label; the workmanship and craft associated with a handmade tin or box made simply for housing pins or paper clips. Or the design detail associated with producing a unique logo for membership of cultural club or political party?


Below is a selection of my best picks, more will follow as I add to the collection.



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Frank Sutcliffe was born in Headingley, Leeds to the painter Thomas Sutcliffe and Sarah Button. He made a living as a portrait photographer, working first in Tunbridge Wells in Kent and then for the rest of his life in Sleights, Yorkshire. His business in Skinner Street rooted him to Whitby and the Eskdale Valley but, by photographing the ordinary people that he knew well, he built up a complete and revealing picture of a late Victorian town, and the people who lived and worked there.


He was a prolific writer on photographic subjects, contributed to several periodicals, and wrote a regular column in the Yorkshire Weekly Post. His work is in the collection of the Whitby Literary and Philosophical Society and in other national collections.


He died on 31 May 1941 and was buried in Aislaby churchyard.


I have chosen to show a selection of his work titled “Fisher People”


Fisher People


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I found these little comic books at a flea market in London last year. They were all published by Brockhampton Press which was a British publishing company based in Leicester from about 1940.




Elizabeth Chapman’s Marmaduke, was a series of tales about a red truck. They were written by Elizabeth and illustrated by eccles Williams. Brockhampton began publishing the series in the 1950′s.




Vilhelm Hansen (May 6, 1900 – December 23, 1992) and his wife Carla Hansen (September 19, 1906 – December 6, 2001) were an artistic couple and responsible for Bruin – The Deep Sea Diver. Vilhelm worked mainly as an advertising artist between the two World Wars, and only started making comics and illustrating the tales written by Carla in the 1940s.



Their collaborative comic Rasmus Klump (Bruin) about the adventures of a bear, a pelican, a penguin, and some other animals, debuted in Denmark in 1951 as a daily comic strip. It soon became one of the most popular European children comics, being translated and distributed into many languages and countries.


Dora Thatcher was born on September 14, 1912 in Abertillery, Pembrokeshire, Wales. In She wrote short stories for the BBC and small magazines and is noted for her stories about “Henry,” a helicopter that travels to different countries and a tugboat named “Tommy.”



Neville Main was behind Jimmy’s tales, he created Jimmy in 1948. Neville began illustrating children’s books Brockhampton around 1944. While Main was to return to Jimmy a number of times over the years, he quickly became associated with a number of other characters like Matilda Mouse and Muffin the Mule.




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